Oklahoma City Memorial Donation On Your Behalf

A Letter from Larry Trucano – Advanced Body Scan Director

On April 19th, Oklahomans are joined with people all over the world to remember…

When I first moved to Oklahoma City I made it a point to see the Oklahoma City Bombing National Memorial.

I really did not know what to expect other than what a tragic event it represents.

I now regard it as one of the most moving experiences in my life and strongly urge everyone that I know to partake in and feel the spirit of that hallowed ground.

The symbolism portrayed by architects Hans and Torrey Butzer along with Sven Berg create a remarkable snapshot of the tragic moment that affected us all instantly and forevermore.

Most notably are the 168 bronze and stone chairs, each representing the location of someone perished.

The design intent graphically tells of the people, who in an instant are no longer with us, leaving empty chairs at their family’s dinner table that evening and into the future.

This represents the real meaning of personal tragedy; the ongoing grief and memories of those left behind.

At Advanced Body Scan, we strive to prevent major killers such as Heart Disease and Cancer from impacting families. We have seen how the onset of disease can often create a similar tragedy for our loved ones.

During this special month of the 22nd year Oklahoma City Memorial Commemoration, we at Advanced Body Scan wish to remember those lost as well as the heroic first responders with a very special offer.

A $199 Preventive Heart & Lung Scan!

This service is regularly priced at $1,360. We believe it is the first defense to alert you of potential danger from Heart Disease, our nation’s number one killer and Lung Cancer, the leading cancer killer.

When you mention the Oklahoma Memorial we will donate your entire $199 to the Oklahoma Memorial Fun on your behalf.

Protect yourself and a loved one from personal tragedy while honoring those lost on April 19, 1995, with your contribution.