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We provide state-of-the-art preventive body scans in Oklahoma.

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Body Scan

This scan can provide detection of any abnormalities within your body from your shoulders to your thighs.

Heart Scan

This scan can offer accurate information about your heart’s state of health.

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Heart & Lung Scan

This scan can help detect lung cancer, emphysema, and other lung ailments.

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Virtual Colonoscopy

Non-invasive screening that takes under 10 minutes with no anesthesia.

Preventive Screenings Can Save Lives

Advanced Body Scan in Oklahoma City, OK is your reliable provider of advanced preventive screenings. With our high-tech GE Optima CT scanner, we can detect the smallest irregularities in your body, months or even years, before you would ever experience symptoms. If you are up against silent killers, such as heart disease or cancer, early detection exponentially increases your chances of survival.

When you turn to us, you can be confident that your concerns will be handled by highly qualified professionals. Our medical director, Stanley J. Dombek, Jr., M.D. F.A.C.S.. has a Governor’s Accommodation that recognizes his 50 years of service in the field of medicine for the state of Oklahoma. In addition, we are a proud member of the American Diabetes Association.

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  • An ultrafast body scan can be used to diagnose heart disease, as well as detect cancer and other abnormalities in the body.
  • The GE Optima CT scanner can take multiple images of the organs within the time of a single heartbeat, thus providing much more detail.
  • Body scans, which are ultra-accurate, extremely fast, and non-invasive, give you information that can save your life.

Patient Stories

See what past patients have to say about our services.

“On August 14, 2012, I had a very successful quadruple bypass surgery. I had over 90% blockage. Thank you very much for alerting me to this potentially fatal threat (I had no symptoms) before it was too late. I sincerely believe that had I waited any longer, the result would have been disastrous. My family truly thanks you for our future together.”Tim S., Olympia, WA

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