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How A Body Scan Can Benefit You

If you want to take control of your health, scheduling a comprehensive body exam can help detect disease long before you have symptoms. Advanced Body Scan believes that prevention is the best defense when it comes to health and relies on CT technology to provide reliable results. Take the path to a healthier you; schedule your appointment with Advanced Body Scan today.

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What Is A Body Scan?

Advanced Body Scan uses CT technology for body scans. Our cutting-edge screening method provides an overall assessment of your physical health to help you establish a baseline for your general wellness.

During this scan, the machine captures detailed images from your shoulders to your thighs that include scans of your chest, coronary arteries, abdomen, and pelvis.

After your scan, our licensed radiologist and medical doctor review your images to look for signs of disease or abnormalities in your:

  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Gallbladder
  • Pancreas
  • Kidneys
  • Prostate gland
  • And more

A body scan can also capture irregularities in your spine.

What Can A Body Scan Detect?

A body scan can detect a wide range of health problems long before any symptoms arise, including cancer and heart disease. Our CTs can capture multiple images within a single heartbeat enabling us to detect difficult-to-diagnose conditions.

What Can I Expect During A Body Scan?

A CT body scan is quick, painless and takes 5 minutes. Because the body scan is non-invasive, you don’t have to prepare in advance by fasting or stopping any medications. You simply lie comfortably in the scanner, which is open in design so it doesn’t cause claustrophobia, unlike traditional scanners.

After your body scan, our board-certified radiologist reads your images and prepares your report. This summary outlines any issues that may require additional action.

To schedule a body scan, call the office or send us an email today!

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