Stories of Survival

One Scan Could Save Your Life

At Advanced Body Scan, we offer one of the easiest and safest medical procedures one can experience. Fifteen minutes spent in our GE Optima CT scanner can give you peace of mind and in the case of some people, mean the difference between life and death. Some of our patients were kind enough to review their time with us and discuss their experience, what we found and their roads to recovery.

John's Story

John decided he needed to take proactive steps and found hidden issues that he was able to take care of now, before it was too late.

Tim's Story

Tim eats right, works out, and considers himself a healthy person. He had no idea he had a life threatening disease. Without this scan he may not be here today. 

Tina's Story

One phone call changed Tina's life. She didn't want to believe what she heard but had she waited she might not be with us today.

Lorie's Story

Lorie purchased a preventive scan with her husband in mind. She had no idea it would be her life changing with this purchase. Watch her story. 

Anita's Story

Anita and her husband purchased a scan at the State Fair. Anita had no symptoms that anything may be wrong and was mainly worried about her husband. A few days after the scan she received a call from Dr. Dombek. Here is her story. 

Bryan's Story

Oklahoma City resident Bryan Dennis was given the run around by doctors after months of feeling sick. One of his neighbors happened to mention Advanced Body Scan as an alternative option, and he came in for a scan. Watch his story.

Linda's Story

Linda Will took a very active role in her health, seeing her doctor for yearly checkups and exercising regularly. Being proactive in her health, she decided to come in for a scan.

For more stories of survival visit Advanced Body Scan's YouTube page.

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