Make Your Health Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Another new year, another set of well-intentioned, hard to keep resolutions, the majority of which tend to deal with health.

We want to lose, run a marathon, or simply work out every day. We know these things are for the better, however, what is the actual reason we are doing these things?

The reason typically tends to deal with a feeling to start over and do better this year than the previous. It also seems to remind us of our own mortality and how we want to protect and prolong our time for ourselves and those we love.

Now the sad part of resolutions is that about 80% of them tend to drop off before February even begins. The heart is there, we want to change for the better, but changing a routine and essentially a way of life can very challenging.

Here at Advanced Body Scan, we want to offer you a simple and easy to keep new years resolution that has the potential to offer peace of mind results to those who care about their health.

Every week we scan hundreds of people and find things that need to be corrected. The scary thing about some of these cases is that many of these people had NO symptoms and felt great, but upon a heart, lung, or body scan our highly trained doctors found something astronomical that could have taken them away from their families if not dealt with as soon as possible.

Here is the resolution or challenge, if your new year’s resolution has anything to do with health, do yourself a favor and come see us at Advanced Body Scan and get the peace of mind you need to know that your body isn’t hiding anything from you.

Give us a call at 242-1400 to schedule your heart, lung, or body scan today.


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