Full Body Scans: How long do they take?


Where does the time go? Well when you start to break down a typical Oklahoman’s day, you’d be shocked at where a lot of our time is wasted.

Here’s a look at five things most people do every day that will take more time than a scan from Advanced Body Scan.

Snoozing your alarm clock


So many of us lead such busy lives it’s difficult to get enough sleep. It’s so tempting to hit that snooze button to get those extra few minutes of shut eye. Nearly 60% of respondents in one survey say said they hit the snooze button.  But countless study after study has shown that trying to steal those extra few minutes of sleep actually make you less rested and make your time waking up more difficult.

Typical snooze alarms last from seven to nine minutes and couple that with the added time it will take your body to adjust to being awake, you’ve already wasted part of your morning.

Morning Routine


The average American spends 10.4 minutes a day in the shower. Now add that to the recommended three minutes spent brushing your teeth plus time to shave and do your hair, you’re looking at about 20 minutes, at the very least, spent getting ready. And all of this is before you even pick out your outfit.

Your commute


The average American spends 25 minutes of their day commuting to and from work. In Oklahoma County, average commute times range from 20 minutes in the Edmond area to around 16 minutes closer to downtown. This means in often less time it takes for a resident of Oklahoma City to get to work your scan can be completed and you can be on the road to holding true information about your health.

Standing in line


People will spend five years of their lives waiting in lines. That’s 1,825 days, or 43,800 hours, or 2,628,000 minutes standing around, checking your watch until you get to the front of the queue. (That’s not even counting a leap year thrown in!) Some studies have shown that Americans can spend more than 20 minutes a day waiting in lines.

Looking at our phones


Technology runs our lives. While there are many examples of tech improving our lives and making them easier, it also has a way of sucking up our time. One study found that smartphone owners unlock their phones more than 150 times a day. One study found that users range anywhere from 16 minutes per day to 120 minutes per day spent looking at their phones.

So for the length of time it takes to NOT check Twitter and Facebook a few times in a day, you can be in and out of our offices.

It’s not often that we think about the time we spend every day on our routines. Our alarms go off in the morning and up we jump to shower, shave, brush our teeth, make breakfast and hit the road to work. At work we check email, look at our phones, leave messages, chat with coworkers, head home and eventually go to bed to start it all over again.

Your health is not something to be treated so routinely. With our scans taking as little as 10 minutes, we’re comfortable saying time isn’t an excuse to overlook your health.

At Advanced Body Scan, we know that time is precious and we hope we can help you maximize all of it that you have.

If want to take an active role in your health care, contact us today.