National Fight Procrastination Day: Action, not Reaction


September 6 is National Fight Procrastination Day. As a business dedicated to the process of prevention, procrastination is an enemy we encounter daily. The phrase “ignorance is bliss” is a true one, but only to a certain point. Ignorance might buy you happiness in the short term, but being armed with a thorough knowledge of your health is your best bet to living happily into the long term.

Heart disease has grown to become the largest killer in the United States

One in four Americans will die of heart disease, even as medical technology grows by leaps and bounds. And even scarier than that fact? The development of heart disease is largely asymptomatic. For half of those who suffer from heart disease, the first manifestation of symptoms is a sudden coronary event, a.k.a. a heart attack.

Our heart scans can detect the buildup of calcium in your arteries before they become a major problem, giving you the proper time to make appropriate changes in your life to ensure it’s a long and healthy one.

Cancer rates expected to rise

Cancer is another disease that often will only manifest its symptoms long after the window for treatment has closed. It’s expected that the worldwide incidence of cancer will rise 75% by 2030.  A low dose ECBT scan can alert you to tumors before they have a chance to metastasize.

Does heart disease or cancer run in your family? Hereditary factors can also greatly increase your risk of developing these two killers.

Use National Fight Procrastination Day as a jumping off point for you to take an active role in your health.  We offer a full range of screenings, including those for diabetes, heart disease, virtual colonoscopies and a wide range of cancer screenings.

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Prevention is your best protection.