The Benefits Of A Preventive Scan

doctor and patient

Awareness and early detection of disease is a powerful resource. Preventive scans can give you information about what is going on inside your body before outward symptoms appear and can literally mean the difference between living and dying.

These underlying diseases can lead to a weakened immune system and cause you to be more susceptible to other diseases. By knowing if you have an underlying disease you can be alerted of a compromised immune system that can make you more vulnerable to other diseases and viruses such as COVID-19 and better prepare. 

What is a Preventive Scan?

Our preventive scan is similar to a mammogram, colonoscopy, or annual check up. Just as these are performed without signs or symptoms you can get a preventive scan to detect disease and cancer before they become life-threatening.  

Most medical centers will only schedule a CT scan if you show symptoms and your doctor has written an order.  Advanced Body Scan offers preventative screenings for an affordable cost so you can get the information you need, when you need it. 

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your company! When we came in for the scan, it showed I was fine. However, my husband was shown to have a high calcium blood level. We had scheduled an appointment already with our doctor, but took him the scan results. He immediately did an EKG, Doppler, and Stress tests, which [he] failed. Our doctor did a “direct admit” to the hospital and had an angiogram done. The following day, he had a QUADRUPLE BYPASS!!! No signs did we have prior to other than being tired more so than usual… but his work schedule has been very heavy all year long. So we attributed his tiredness to that. If not for the scan, we would have never known the 90% blockages that he had …until maybe finding him dead on the floor. Thank you for the opportunity to have a scan done….and thank you for being persistent in following up with us!!” Vicki S.

How is a Preventive Scan Performed?

Preventive health screenings can help people understand their risk for developing chronic conditions before symptoms are present, while they can still take action. 

With your preventive scan, we can alert you of unrecognized and potential health problems, and encourage follow-up care with your personal physician to strengthen their understanding of your total health.  

Are You A Candidate?

Preventive health screening for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other chronic conditions are extremely valuable for adults age 50+, or age 40+ with risk factors for these conditions: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, a history of smoking, and a family history of stroke and/or heart disease. 

How Can A Heart and Lung Scan Could Save Your Life?

This scan can provide meaningful benefits for your body and mind. That’s why we’re committed to delivering accurate results and recommendations that could give you a healthier advantage in your everyday life:

  • Early detection of serious conditions
  • Prevention of disease progression
  • Peace of mind so you can enjoy life
  • Savings with more affordable screenings
  • Control, no insurance required

If you are concerned about your health Advanced Body Scan offers a variety of preventive scans including a Heart and Lung Scan to detect illness. We encourage you to stay proactive in all areas of your health and consult with your health provider about any of your concerns. 

Preventive screening can help give you the knowledge to continue living a healthy life. Call today to schedule your preventive scan and gain knowledge about your health.