Breakthrough in early detection for heart disease and cancer with Body Scans

Body Scans are a breakthrough in early detection and risk assessment for heart disease and cancer

Advanced Body Scan in Oklahoma City uses a state-of-the-art GE Optima CT scanner to provide fast and accurate images of your entire body.

How does a GE Optima CT scan work?

The GE Optima computed tomography scan is a variation of the conventional computed tomography X-ray scan, used to examine various parts of the body. It is considered the best scanning technology to detect coronary calcium. The GE Optima CT scan is a unique type of CT scanner that was designed for speed to detect calcium in the coronary arteries. The GE Optima scans the body at an extremely high speed, freezing the image of the moving heart. The advantage is that the detection of calcium deposits is very fast and accurate, and the body is only exposed to extremely low radiation. The GE Optima CT is different from a CT scan in that you are exposed to radiation for a shorter period, as it is faster in creating multiple images of the heart. The computer then calculates the density of any calcium deposits in your coronary arteries.


GE Optima CT Scanner Brochure

The medical staff at Advanced Body Scan has worked closely with General Electric specialists to create our exclusive protocol for the ultimate early detection of disease.

It’s easy and non-invasive

The scan takes just a few minutes and can provide invaluable information about your risk for heart disease, cancer and other ailments.

The process is similar to taking an X-ray of your body. An individual lies on the scanner table and multiple images of the organs are taken. Our board-certified radiologist will review the images, and a report will be provided to you.

The latest research shows that coronary calcium detected by GE Optima CT scans predicts the risk of a heart attack more than all other traditional risk factors. This holds true across all demographics.

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