Heart & Lung Scan

Is a Heart & Lung Scan right for you?

The American Lung Association has teamed up with Lung Force to spread the word about preventive Lung Screenings using CT technology to detect Lung Cancer in its early stages. We are proud to support this effort and offer this service at our facility. We believe by catching this disease in the early stages many lives can be extended and saved.

A lung scan at Advanced Body Scan is your best defense against lung cancer, emphysema, aneurysm of the aorta, and other lung ailments.

In fact, a recent study showed survival rate for these diseases increased 82% when compared to the survival rate with an x-ray averaging less than 15%.

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What can a Heart & Lung Scan detect?

By using the Optima GE CT scan it is possible to detect cancerous and suspicious masses before they become life-threatening. This type of early lung cancer detection and prevention is changing the way doctors diagnose and treat lung cancer.

Secondhand smoke, environmental factors and of course, smoking – In the United States, about 225,000 people per year are diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women.

Talk to Advanced Body Scan about preventive imaging technology and the benefits it will provide for you.

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What Can a Lung Scan Detect

A Heart & Lung Scan covers everything under Heart Scan in addition to: