Price List

Heart Scan $695

CT heart exam with a coronary calcium score. Includes a comprehensive report and radiologist review of chest images. Reports will be sent to you and your physician if requested.

Lung Scan $789

High resolution, low dose 4DCT lung scan with radiologist interpretation. A full radiologist report with follow-up recommendations will be sent to you and your physician.

Heart and Lung Scan $1,484

High-resolution CT thoracic scan with radiologist interpretation. A full radiology report with follow-up recommendations will be sent to you and your physician.

Special Pricing

Body Scan with a Personal Review $4,295

CT heart, lung and abdomen/pelvic scans and full radiologists report. Includes a personal review of images with one of our health professionals.

Carotid Artery Ultrasound $900

The Carotid Artery Ultrasound checks the carotid arteries for calcification and blockages. Includes a radiologist report.

Thyroid Ultrasound $600

The Thyroid Ultrasound is the best tool to check for any thyroid nodules and cancer. Includes a radiologist report.

Cancer Blood Screening $850

Bloodwork includes Lipid Panel and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel.

MRI/MRA $4,900

MRI can detect a variety of conditions including cysts, tumors, bleeding/swelling, abnormalities, stroke, dementia, and other infections. MRA looks specifically at the body's blood vessels to detect a bulge (aneurysm), a clot, or a narrowing (stenosis) because of plaque.

Virtual Colonoscopy $2,895

CT abdomen and pelvis scans. This "fly-through" colon imaging includes an examination of the complete colon interior and exterior surface for polyps and cancer, as well as, wall thickness and extra colonic abdominal region. You'll receive full radiologic reports and a referral to a gastroenterologist if requested.

Health Check Advantage

Health Check Advantage is an affordable plan whereby individuals and families are assured of accurate health information from their first visit and years to come. This extended health care plan often alerts members to health concerns prior to the development of symptoms. It is proven that early detection of illness can provide a dramatic advantage in the care of most diseases.

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