De-stress Tips

Stress can cause major problems in your health, affecting your sleep, mood, appetite, depression, anxiety, and even lead to heart attack or stroke.

When stressed, hormones flood the system, causing the heart rate to increase, heavy breathing, and blood vessels to constrict which can cause damage to our health.

To help combat the health effects that come with stress, Advanced Body Scan has put together tips to stay calm.

Identify your stress triggers. This is the first step to managing your stress. By discovering what sets you into a panic, you can avoid these situations or plan a strategy to manage these situations if they are unavoidable.

Get some exercise. No matter what your fitness level may be you need to move your body, even if it is just a 10-minute walk. This will give you more energy throughout the day and release endorphins to help approach your stress triggers with a different attitude.

Smile. Laugh. Stay Positive. It is amazing the effect of a smile or a laugh can have on a situation. Even if it is a phony smile. A psychological study done by the University of Kansas proved that if you are stressed smile as wide as you can for 60 seconds, you may feel a little silly, but you will realize you feel more relaxed than you did a minute before.

Breathe Deeply. Take a deep breath. By doing this it relaxes the body by giving an extra boost of oxygen and makes your body feel like it does when it is in a relaxed state.

Eat a Healthy Snack. Nothing is more stressful to the brain than feeling like you ran out of food. Eat something that will fill you up such as half an avocado, nuts, or a boiled egg. While you are snacking, snack somewhere peaceful. If it is a nice day, eat outside. Do not stay at your desk or in the environment that is making you feel stressed.

Unplug. Avoid emails, the news, and TV for 10-15 minutes. Spend time with a friend, take a warm bath, or work on a hobby.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Start with your toes tightening and relaxing, then progressively work your way up your body to your legs, shoulders, fingers and finally your face. You will feel the tension in these areas begin to melt away.

 Assess your Health. Many people stress about their health. With easy access to the internet, every headache and stomach ache can be Googled and attributed to some fatal disease. If this is an area you find yourself stressing over, contact us and we can help get answers.