A Heart Scan could save your life

Receive the Gold Standard in early detection of heart disease

The  Heart Scan is also known as a Calcium Score Test because this test primarily identifies built-up arterial calcium, also called blockage of the arteries. This calcium buildup and blockage is what creates this SILENT KILLER.

Not all  Heart Scans are equal. It is certainly important to get this test utilizing advanced CT scanning technology, but simply zipping through a test is not the total answer. A Heart Scan is only as good as the human eye that reads the results. Therefore, it is critical that a board certified Radiologist (MD) reads your test and prepares a radiology report for you. Without this reading, your  Heart Scan could be a waste of time and money.

Since heart and lung disease are often related, most medical professionals will recommend a more comprehensive study to include a lung scan. Lung cancer is the number one killing form of cancer and, like heart disease, is commonly not symptomatic until it has progressed into a dangerous stage.

For this reason, medical professionals often recommend a Lung scan with your Heart Scan.

Advanced Body Scan now provides Heart Scans with General Electric’s newest generation CT scanner. All scans include a full radiology report provided by a licensed Radiologist.

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