Lung Cancer Screening in Oklahoma


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently issued a draft decision requiring Medicare coverage of low-dose computed tomography (CT) lung scans for those at-risk for lung cancer. As Oklahoma’s only source for low-dose, Electron Beam CT scans, we applaud their decision.

“We feel this validates everything we do here,” said Advanced Body Scan co-founder Larry Trucano. “This is a watershed moment for preventative medicine in the United States.”

This draft decision came down during November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and can help save the lives of thousands of at-risk Americans.

Lung Cancer Fast Facts

  • Lung cancer is America’s deadliest cancer, responsible for more cancer deaths every year than the three other leading cancer killers combined (breast, colon, and prostate.)
  • The survival rate of lung cancer is 17 percent, If allowed to spread to other organs the survival rate drops to 3.5 percent.
  • Only 15 percent of lung cancers are caught at an early stage
  • More than half of those with lung cancer will pass away within a year of diagnosis.

One person who caught their lung cancer in an early stage was Linda Will. Her heart and lung scan came back showing a tumor in her lung. She was able to quickly receive treatment before the cancer was able to spread throughout her body. You can learn more about her story below:

Most people diagnosed with lung cancer are not as lucky.

Some lung cancer risk factors include a family history of lung cancer, exposure to silicate fibers like asbestos, current or former smoker or those that have been exposed to significant amounts of second-hand smoke or have experienced prolonged exposure to environmental toxins, fumes, and chemicals.

Those who exhibit those risk factors should consider a low-dose CT scan for early detection of lung cancer.

Preventative scanning is critical to the detection of a multitude of diseases, including heart disease and cancer. At Advanced Body Scan, we believe that prevention is your best protection against life threatening ailments. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us today.