The Benefits Of A Preventive Scan

doctor and patient

Awareness and early detection of disease is a powerful resource. Preventive scans can give you information about what is going on inside your body before outward symptoms appear and can literally mean the difference between living and dying. These underlying diseases can lead to a weakened immune system and cause you to be more susceptible to other diseases. By knowing … Read More

How Chronic Stress Affects Your Health

Short-lived feelings of stress are a regular part of daily life. However, when these feelings become chronic, or long-lasting, they can severely impact a person’s health. What is Stress? Stress is a natural occurrence in your body. It alerts you of certain dangers and produces the fight or flight effect. It can also enhance your performance by releasing adrenal glands … Read More

What is your Heart Score?

What's your heart score

What Does Your Heart Score Say About Your Health Your heart score, also known as your coronary calcium score, can give great insight into your heart health and your chance of forming Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Knowing your heart score can give you great insight into your personal health. Your score could also give you valuable tips on what your … Read More

8 Myths About Cancer

What causes cancer and what is just a myth? These days it can be difficult to tell the difference as nearly everything, from cell phones to foods, has someone telling you it causes extreme side effects like cancer. So how do you distinguish the difference? We have taken 8 of the top asked questions to help debunk popular cancer myths.   … Read More

8 Healthier Options at the Texas State Fair

State Fair of Texas

September in Texas brings football, fall, and the State Fair of Texas! Beginning September 24 it’s time to loosen your belt and dive into some state fair food that is deep-fried, covered in powdered sugar and served on a stick. Not to forget Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes, chocolate-covered bacon, fried coffee, caramel apples, and fried tacos. However, all of these … Read More

Healthy Options at the Oklahoma State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair

September in Oklahoma is a month to celebrate. The weather starts to cool down and we are well into football season. Most importantly though, it’s opening day for the Oklahoma State Fair September 16! That means it’s time to loosen your belt and dive into some state fair food that is deep-fried and covered in powdered sugar or served on … Read More

8 Diseases Threatening Women’s Health

While health issues such as heart disease and cancer can affect both men and women, the symptoms, characteristics, and types these diseases can greatly differ. Be sure you are aware of your risks, it could help save your life! Heart Disease Breast-Cancer Colon Cancer Endometrial Cancer Lung Cancer Cervical Cancer Skin Cancer Ovarian Cancer Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease in Women … Read More

How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Health & How to Change Them

It’s no secret that when we eat healthy food, we feel healthy. But why is this? How does the food we put in our body have such a grand effect on how we function from day to day? When it comes to our health, the food we put in our body can have a significant effect, especially when it comes … Read More